Free Gems

Many people make the mistake of waisting there gems on building up their village fast to experience the game. I will be one to admit to waisted gems on finishing buildings to avoid getting attacked without a weapon.

The game is designed to purchase gems so Supercell can make money. So this is why it is so so hard to get free gems unless you complete achievements and removing obstacles like plants or rocks

This is why it is so important to save all your gems for important measures such as builders hut which can quickly improve your village. It is also very important to reach 1250 trophies due to the 450 gems you receive which can guarantee your 3rd or 4th builders hut. It should not be spent on anything else.
Ready to begin? Free gems Here!

  • You get the first and second builders hut for completing the tut.
  • The third Builder’s Hut will cost you 500 gems. you can get gems for free
  • The third Builder’s Hut can be obtained by spending the gem reward from “Sweet Victory!” (3 stars) along with 50 gems earned from other achievements.
  • You can actually get 500 fast (and therefore the third Builder’s Hut) if you don’t use gems. Even during the tut stage, do not use the gems. You will get enough for various missions
  • Gems for the fourth costs ten dollars
  • The fifth costs 20 dollars you have to own the rest.
  • Save 500 gems to get all the huts.

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